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Studies in Ethics

ETRL-200. Christian Ethics.
3 crs.

Introduction to Christian ethical theology; treats both historical and contemporary figures as well as selected issues relating to personal choice and social policy.

ETRL-202. Ethics and Human Sexuality.
3 crs.
Examines sexual life styles in contemporary America and their impact upon the traditional family structure, emphasizing such areas as open marriage and communal living.

ETRL-305. Contemporary Issues and Christian Social Ethics.
3 crs.
Discussion and ethical analysis of contemporary moral issues from a Christian perspective. Topics will include abortion, apartheid, capital punishment, drug abuse, human sexuality, peace and poverty.

ETRL-375. African-American Spirituality.
3 crs.

This seminar is an exploration of the social, historical, ethical and religious contexts for spiritual formation among African Americans. Significant attention will be given to research, writing, and review of primary and secondary documents for the study of African American religion using the school's Lawrence Neale Jones Divinity Library and the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center on Howard's main campus, plus a broad variety of online resources.

ETRL-385. Ethics in Contemporary African American Cinema.
3 crs.

This course attempts to provide an overview of contemporary African American cinema from the perspective of religion and society. Given the impact of these films upon African American youth and community life, the analysis and interpretation of the cinematic portrayals of black life from an ethical perspective should enhance the possibilities for fruitful dialogue with youth in the church and community.

ETRL-410. Pastoral Ethics.
3 crs.

Explores the ethical decision-making process in relation to the profession of pastoral ministry. The approach is to combine lecture-discussion with actual case studies each week, in order to equip students with practical and theoretical insights into ethical dilemmas faced by ministers in today’s church and society. Special attention will be given to issues of sex, money, and power in the practice of ministry.

ETRL-451. Seminar in Bio-Ethics.
3 crs.

Critical analysis of problems in medical ethics, with reference to doctor’s decision and patient’s freedom and analysis of such areas as abortion, family planning, and euthanasia.

ETRL-495. Seminar in Feminist Ethics and Theology.
3 crs.
Provides an overview of feminist scholarship in religion as well as systematic approaches to feminist ethics and theology. The womanist context and perspective will also be explored.

updated:May 28, 2015

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