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Theological Studies

THEO-210. Liturgical Theology: Practicum.
1 cr.

An integrated study of the liturgical experience of the seminary community through participation in the ministry of music and leadership in liturgical exercises. Designed for the School of Divinity choir members.

THEO-221. Philosophy of Religion.
3 crs.

Philosophical introduction to THEO-305, dealing with the meaning of philosophy, the philosophical method, and the history of ideas; the application of philosophical analysis to religious questions; and representative programs in philosophical theology.

THEO-305. Systematic Theology I.
3 crs.

Examines the nature and method of theological discourse, along with various theological perspectives, including God and the Trinity. Prereq.: THEO-221 or its equivalent.

THEO-310. Systematic Theology II.
3 crs.

All doctrines of the Christian creed will be treated critically and systematically. Students will write a credo. Prereq.: THEO-305 or its equivalent.

THEO-315. Black Theology.
3 crs.

Provides the foundation for black theology, exploring the black/African religious experience, evaluating existent programs in black theology, and combining the black religious experience with the affirmations of the Christian Creed. Prereqs.: THEO-221, THEO-305, or one course in black church history or black religious thinkers.

THEO-320. Womanist Theology.
3 crs.

This course is designed to introduce students to the emergence of Womanist Theology and religious scholarship in the United States. The course explores what Black women’s experiences in church and society suggest about the meaning of God and Jesus Christ.

THEO-325. Modern Theology.
3 crs.

Study of the development of theology during the modern period.

THEO-335. Theologies of Liberation.
3 crs.

Critical examination of black, African, Latin American, and feminist theologies of liberation, interpreting models of action and reflection as the Christian faith confronts racism, classism, and sexism. Prereq.: One course in theology.

THEO-337. Theories of Salvation.
3 crs.

Conducts an investigation into the main theories that have been suggested throughout the history of the church to explain the meaning and mystery of the work of Christ. Some attempt will be made to examine the need for, and the possibility of, a restatement of the Christian doctrine of salvation in the light of contemporary realities.

THEO-340. The Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3 crs.

Treats King as a theologian, evaluating his understanding of Christian doctrines and examining his contribution to systematic theology and theological ethics. Prereq.: Six hours in theology.

THEO-343. The Holy Spirit: Pentecostal Perspectives.
3 crs.
Comparative study of traditional doctrines of the Holy Spirit and the contributions of classical pentecostalism and the charismatic movement to the doctrine. Emphasis given to the dynamics of pentecost as a permanent reality. Prereq.: One course in New Testament or church history.

THEO-350. Third World Theologies.
3 crs.

Examines the development of Christian theology in the non-Western world; theological developments and the process of contextualization and politicization of theologies in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, comparing them with black theology. Prereq.: Six hours in a theological field.

THEO-360. Fundamental Elements of Christian Evangelism. 3 crs.
Explores theological constraints and challenges of the divine command to preach the gospel to “the world." Seeks to provide a contemporary analysis and assessment of the meaning of evangelism today.

THEO 415. Preacher as Theologian. Section: 01. CRN: 15664.
Credits: 3

Course Description: This course is a study of the sermon as a method of theological reflection and medium for conveying ideas, doctrine, and perspectives. Students seeking to enroll in this course ought to have taken Systematic Theology I & II and Preaching and Practicum.

THEO-425. Seminar in Modern Theologians: Karl Barth.
3 crs.

Prereqs.: THEO-305 and THEO-310

THEO-440. Directed Research in Theology. Master’s level.
3 crs.

THEO-445. The Holy Spirit in Scripture and the Church.
3 crs.
Examines this long-neglected doctrine, its historical development in the Old and New Testaments, and its relevance for faith in our own time.

THEO-535. Doctoral Seminar in Theology.
3 crs.

THEO-540. Directed Study in Theology (Doctoral level).
3 crs.

updated: June 4, 2015

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