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Master of Arts
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Doctor of Ministry
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THES-300. Master of Arts in Religious Studies Supervised Reading and Research.
1 cr.

This course allows students to complete their theses once they have finished all other degree requirements.

THES-375. MARS Colloquy.
3 cr.

The MARS Colloquy includes contemporary readings in religious and theological studies. Research and writing methodologies will be emphasized to enable students to develop their MARS thesis research proposals. Students will prepare and present seminar papers in class based upon these proposals. In consultation with students and potential faculty supervisors, the MARS colloquy leader will assign an appropriate thesis advisor to each student.

THES -378. MARS Thesis

THES-380. Directed Study.
3 crs.

THES-400. Master of Divinity Major Paper Preparation.
1 cr.

THES-475. Major Paper Seminar: Master of Divinity.
3 crs.

THES-500. Doctor of Ministry Project Preparation.
1 cr.

THES-503. Project Methodology.
1 cr.

THES-510. Doctor of Ministry Research and Writing.
3 crs.

THES-515. Research Methodology for Ministry.
3 crs.

updated: May 28, 2015

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