Core Values

Howard University School of Divinity School affirms its identity as a unique and irreplaceable graduate theological school that engrafts the sprirt of excellence in learning and service. At the core of its time-honored identity are specific values that inspire and encompass the school's aspirations and endeavors. HUSD core values describe its character, heart, and soul; these are its non-negotiable attributes.


HUSD affirms the human dignity and devine worth of all persons and seeks to engage in advocacy for their wholeness and well-being


HUSD embodies consistency, professionalism, honesty, transparency, accountability, and loyality to its commitments in its work and public witness.


HUSD embraces its genesis in the Amistad event and concerns itself with the twin causes of human rights and social justice through advancing the spiritual agenda of emancipation.


HUSD practices openness, honesty, accurate and timely communications, and provides a caring, nurturing and respectful environment for the entire Howard family and external stakeholders.


HUSD engenders in its graduates the sprit and quality of leadership manifested through distinguished service to the Church, academy, and the public square; selflessness - women and men - living in the service of others.


HUSD dedicates itself to the unequivocal and relentless search for truth.