Welcome Back Dr Zainab Alwani

Dr. Zainab Alwani, Islamic Scholar

Dr. Alwani returns to HUSD from a very productive sabbatical. She served as Editor-in-Chief of the second issue of The Journal of Islamic Faith and Practice. The journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal published by Indiana University and sponsored by the Islamic Seminary Foundation. Dr. Alwani contributed a peer-reviewed article, “Islamic Ethics and Prophetic Model as Murabi/Teacher” and she also authored the editorial introduction,"Islamic Ethics in American Context," for that issue. Her publications forward the scholarly debate on presenting comprehensive methodologies for approaching the Quran and Sunna, in terms of contemporary challenges: http://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/JIFP/article/view/23270

Additionally, Alwani penned the article “Teaching Other Faiths about Islam: A Transformative Journey” in the special issue “Theological Education Between the Times” in CrossCurrents Journalhttps://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/cros.12357

Dr. Alwani began working on a book chapter that will be published in October 2019: “With ʿĀʾisha in Mind: Reading Sūrat al-Nur through the Qur’an’s Structural Unity,” in Muslim Women and Gender Justice: Concepts, Sources, and Historieshttps://www.routledge.com/Muslim-Women-and-Gender-Justice-Concepts-Sources-and-Histories-1st/El-Omari-Hammer-Khorchide/p/book/9781138494862