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Network Password Reset

Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator Application 



Resetting Your Password

Step 1: Register for password registration (Enrollment Attachment):

Step 2: Reset your password (Account Reset):

Printing to HU Xerox printers

How to add your computer to the Find Me Que for Printing

  1. Type \\apinfpcpsv1 into your computer’s search bar, and hit enter. The following should pop up:

Image removed.


  1. Right click on “XRX_FIND_ME” and press connect. You are now connected to the Find Me Que. 


Make sure to select “XRX_FIND_ME” as your printer when you’re getting ready to print a document. Please forward this to all faculty and staff that are working in your department.

Xerox Document 1
Xerox Document 2


Free Antivirus Downloads

Download FREE Anti-virus software for MAC/PC

Malware Bytes - Mac

Malware Bytes - PC



Single Sign-On for Blackboard

Blackboard Learn, Howard University’s Learning Management System, transitioned to single sign-on (SSO) in March 2021. This enabled students and faculty to log in using their Howard network credentials, which is your University-issued email address and password. Students and Faculty now have the option to sign on to Blackboard via the web and mobile.

Below are the steps to guide you for both options.

Web Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Help 

1. Click "Azure SSO" 

2. Enter your full Howard University-issued email address and the corresponding password 

3. Complete the 2-step verification 


Mobile Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Help 

1. Type in and select your school’s name: Howard University 

2. Click "Web Login" 

3. Enter your full Howard University-issued email address and the corresponding password 

4. Complete the 2-step verification 


For more Login Help 

Click here if you need to reset your email address password.


If you experience any IT-related issues following the maintenance, please contact the ETS Help Desk at 202-806-2020 or via email at