Office of the Associate Dean

Dr. Frederick L. Ware

As Associate Dean, I have the privilege of working for the faculty and students who are the focal point around which all educational activities revolve. 

The dynamic interaction between faculty and students makes the School of Divinity one of the best places for theological education in the United States today. Howard University is a gateway to learning and a gift of innumerable possibilities for persons seeking to make an impact in the world. Having earned an enviable reputation for its distinguished faculty and outstanding graduates who have been and are continuously making a huge impact in their communities, in the nation and abroad; the School of Divinity is widely recognized as a seminary that is changing the world.

Students who enter the School of Divinity not only have access to one of the most accomplished faculties in theological education but also gain a vast range of learning opportunities through the Washington Theological Consortium and the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area as well as through graduate level course offerings in the many academic departments of Howard University. 

Howard University School of Divinity is the only historically black theological institution affiliated with a Carnegie classified Doctoral University of High Research Activity. Among the other non-denominational university-affiliated divinity schools such as Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, and Chicago; Howard is the most affordable. And the School of Divinity has long been a trendsetter in the study of Africana religious traditions, black and womanist theologies, biblical languages and literature, practical theology, and training in social justice advocacy. 

With head and heart engaged alike and wholly in the pursuit of truth and service, Howard is a great place for study and training for vocations in ministry, public leadership, teaching and research.

Office of the Associate Dean

dr ware

Frederick L. Ware, Ph.D.

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