Degree Programs

Howard University School of Divinity has been outstanding in preparing students to provide professional, academic and spiritual leadership for more than a century. Whether you are interested in a full-time, or a part time program, Howard University School of Divinity offers a program to fit your goals.

HUSD Degree Programs

Current programs of study include a Master of Divinity degree, which is designed to prepare students for the ministry as pastors and in related fields, including chaplaincies, Christian education, and staff positions within denominations. The Master of Arts in Religious Studies degree is designed for those interested in teaching, continuing studies in religion and theology, or those preparing for advanced theological education. The Doctor of Ministry degree is for students who wish to engage in an advanced level of preparation for ministerial practice. Its primary goal is the integration of theological and anthropological understandings in the context of responsible engagement of ministry. 

Each degree program is purposed to form men and women, who are both capable and desirous of transforming communities across the globe into places where love, justice, freedom, salvation, and humanity are affirmed and upheld in sermon, in research and in service.


Graduate Programs