Student Life


The foundation of social justice on which the School of Divinity was built, remains solid today. Students come from diverse backgrounds and denominations, but are brought together by a common motivation to be transformational leaders. Through activities within the School, as well as on the main campus, students are engaged spiritually, socially and politically. Thus, upon graduation, Howard students are educated, effected and empowered to serve not only their communities, but the nation and the world. 

Our student government actively promotes student activities, Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion involvement, and Washington Theological Consortium interactions. These student officers represent the concerns of their fellow students in concert with students from the other 12 schools and colleges of Howard University to the Deans, Administrative staff and university officials.

The Deans, faculty, staff and students meet weekly to worship together in our Wednesday Chapel service. Each semester our Dean, Dr. Yolanda Pierce determines the theme of our chapel services as we are blessed with speakers from our alumni and significant religious leaders. Our worship and fellowship is a special part of our community cohesiveness. Chapel services are open to the entire Howard University community.  

Spring 2021 Semester Course Schedule & Descriptions

Spring 2021 Course Schedule

HUSD Spring 2021 Course Map

HUSD Spring 2021 Course Descriptions

The Weekly Word - Student Newsletter

The Weekly Word is a newsletter produced, edited and released by HUSD Students.  This year the 2019-2020 Weekly Word Editor is Ms. Nicole M. Melton. Students are encouraged to submit articles, book reviews, poetry and announcements to Ms. Melton for inclusion in the newsletter by Monday of each week.

The Weekly Word