Former Students Readmission Process

The process for readmission is different than new students. You'll need your student identification to begin the process.

To apply for readmission as a Former Student Returning:

  1. Go to
  4. Complete the fields to CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  Please select the term to which you wish to be readmitted.  Do not select the “Non-Traditional” terms.  If you wish to apply for readmission for the Summer term, please contact the School of Divinity Admissions Office to check course availability.

The application fee and enrollment fee are not required for Former Students seeking readmission.


Please submit the following additional requirements to, Serena K. Parks.

  • Official transcript from Howard University
  • Official transcript from all formal studies completed since matriculation at Howard
  • A statement, not to exceed 150 words, stating your plan for completing your degree. The statement should include information relevant to past challenges (academic, financial, etc.) that impacted your previous matriculation and your plan to address these challenges to ensure completion of the degree program.

The HUSD Admissions Office and the Degree Program Committee will evaluate the student's former records and the aforementioned requirements to determine readmission.

Former Students Returning who have been absent from the University for one or more semesters must receive a medical clearance from the University Student Health Center before they can complete the registration process.  Please contact to obtain instructions for obtaining this clearance.  It may require the submission of required medical documents via Med+Proctor (

Students readmitted to the University must be cleared by the Registrar's Office, Student Accounts, and Special Student Services. Those with outstanding accounts must make satisfactory financial arrangements with the University before registration is permitted.