Admissions Categories

What kind of student will you be?

Regular Degree Student:

A student who fully meets the requirements for a graduate program in the School of Divinity will be accepted as a regular degree student.

Provisional Student:

A student who does not meet the requirements for regular degree student, but, who, on other grounds, the degree committee concludes, is capable of completing a graduate program, may be accepted on a provisional basis. A provisional student will take a maximum of nine credit hours of course work per semester and will be allowed a maximum of one year to qualify as a regular degree student. A student who fails to achieve regular degree status after one year will not be allowed to continue in a graduate program at Howard University.

Non-Degree Student:

A student who meets all the requirements for admission to regular status but elects to pursue course work only will be accepted as a non-degree student. A completed application package must be submitted in order to be considered as a non-degree student.* 

* NOTE: Non-degree/unclassified students are NOT eligible to receive financial aid.