Courses focused on research & writing as well as self-care

FDSM 205:  Faith Development and Spiritual Formation.
.5 (one-half) cr.
Spanning the full three-year program, introduces students to the study of, the resources for, and the practice of, spiritual discipline. Examines a variety of methods by which people of faith have strengthened and deepened their faith commitment. Working in small groups with a faculty advisor, each student explores the rich tradition of spiritual exercises including prayer, Bible study, and meditation, in order to develop a program which best suits his or her individual needs and spiritual personality. Personal growth nurtured in a collegial setting as a model for continuing practice in professional ministry.

FDSM 213:  Spiritual Formation and Ministry Leadership.
3 cr.

This course invites Master of Divinity students into an intentional process of spiritual discipline and introspection, personal faith development, and vocational discernment.  Students explore the rich tradition of spiritual exercises, including prayer, Bible study, and meditation, in order to develop a program which best suits his or her individual needs, calling, and personality.  Students will explore various ministry models, share their generational and vocational perspectives, and critically engage in dialogue about re-inventing and reforming models of ministry and leadership.

Weekly sessions will be comprised of lectures, guest presentations, discussion, audiovisual presentations, and workgroup presentations.

FDSM 220: Introduction to Theological Writing.
3 cr.
This course introduces incoming Divinity School students to research and writing skills on a graduate-level. The course distinguishes between personal voice writing, sermonic writing, and academic writing. The course gives primacy to academic writing with specific attention to hermeneutics and theological/religious-related research; proper use and citation of sources; plagiarism and inclusive writing guidelines; grammar and syntax; and, the Turabian style manual for graduate courses in religion.

FDSM-465. Senior Colloquy.
2 crs.

Senior Colloquy provides M.Div. students the opportunity to reflect upon the role of culture/scholarship and the efficacy of the Black Church in addressing issues facing the black community in the current socio-political season. Attention is given also to self-care (e.g. work/life balance) and self-promotion (e.g. resume-writing and job interviewing).