Society, Culture & Religion


SCRL-200. Sociology of Religion.
3 crs.

Examination of the sociological traditions of Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and later contributors to the sociological understanding of religious phenomena, such as Dewey, Mead, Cooley, and Wach.

SCRL-205. Psychology of Religion.
3 crs.

Treats psychological factors in religious experience, with special reference to their significance in the phenomena of conversion, revivals, mysticism, personality structure, and social action.

SCRL-220. World Religions.
3 crs.

Analysis of concepts and practices in the non-Christian religions, treating each religion in terms of its ideals, ethics, world view, or theology, and contributions by great leaders.

SCRL-225. Introduction to African Religions.
3 crs.

Study of traditional African religions before contact with western thought modes and missionary advance into Africa, including early approaches to the study of the concept of time, the nature of ultimate reality, and sacrifice.

SCRL-227. Introduction to the Study of Religion.
3 crs.

Examines the origin and nature of religion as an academic discipline with emphasis on various definitions and critiques from comparative, historical, critical, and gender approaches to the study of religion, and how religion functions in the world through ritual, myths and symbols.

SCRL-230. African Religions in Diaspora.
3 crs.

A study of the history and evolution of African traditional religions and beliefs in Central and South America, the Caribbean and the United States. Religions such as Vodun in Haiti, Santeria from Cuba, Candomble from Brazil, Cumina from Jamaica, Shango from Trinidad and Tobago, and Akan and Yoruba in the United States will be examined. Particular attention will be given to the interpenetration of Christianity and African traditional religions.

SCRL-321. History of Islam in Africa.
3 crs.

SCRL-322. Contemporary Christianity in Africa.
3 crs.

Brief and episodic survey of missionary Christianity from the C16th C.E. to the decolonization of Africa is undertaken to understand the cultural baggage with which the Christian faith was introduced to sub-Saharan African states. Special emphasis is given to the origins and development of the African Initiated Churches (AIC), as well as the modern Charismatic\Pentecostal Movement and its contribution to global Christianity in the "reverse flow" of missionaries to Europe and North America.

SCRL-323. Contemporary Issues in Afro-American Islam.                                                                                                                                          3 crs.
Examines the history and evolution of Islam among Afro-Americans; how it developed in the United States; its on-going appeal. Aspects and personalities of Islam considered include Noble Drew Ali, Wallace D. Fard, Elijah Muhammad/Nation of Islam, Louis Farakkhan, the American Muslim Mission, the Ahmadiyya, etc.

updated: Oct 7, 2019