On behalf of the entire Howard University School of Divinity (HUSD) Community, welcome to the Admissions page. We are delighted that you have decided to take a closer look at Howard University School of Divinity, one of the graduate/professional schools of the Howard University. HUSD offers an unparalleled educational experience that not only reflects the African-American cultural and religious tradition, but also the foundations of excellence promoted throughout Howard's history and the unique opportunity afforded by its location in the nation's capital.

Upon graduation, HUSD students are well prepared for pastoral ministry, university, hospital and military chaplaincies, teaching, social justice & public policy advocacy, lay ministry & leadership, or academic/research vocations. We invite you to explore your questions and pursue your calling with us as we fulfill our mission as a graduate theological and professional school that educates and forms academic and religious leaders to serve the Church and society and celebrates the religious and cultural heritage of African Americans, the African Diaspora, and Africa.

Admission Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Applications to the Howard University School of Divinity degree programs are evaluated holistically based on prospective students' academic ability and potential; spiritual and emotional maturity; leadership potential; written communication skills; clarity of academic interest and vocational purpose; and personal initiative and commitment. The Degree Committee will make its decisions based upon the completed application, and any supplemental materials submitted by the applicant (upon request) and (if applicable) interviews with a member or representative of the Degree Committee.

Master of Divinity
Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

Master of Arts (Religious Studies)
Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

Doctor of Ministry
Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree and a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited college or university or their formal equivalents, as determined by the Doctor of Ministry Committee. Additionally, individuals must be involved in some recognized form of ministry for three (3) years after completion of the Master of Divinity degree.

Master of Divinity/Master of Business AdministrationApplicants must meet the admissions requirements for the Master of Divinity and the Master of Business Administration degree for the respective schools. Due to the sequential nature of the dual degree program, applicants will only be admitted in the fall semester, and must be full-time students. 

Master of Divinity/Master of Social WorkApplicants must meet the admissions requirements for the Master of Divinity and the Master of Social Work degree for the respective schools.  Due to the sequential nature of the dual degree program, applicants will only be admitted in the fall semester, and must be full-time students.

Admission Categories


Regular Degree Studen
A student who fully meets the requirements for a graduate program in the School of Divinity will be accepted as a regular degree student.

Provisional Student:
A student who does not meet the requirements for regular degree student, but, who, on other grounds, the degree committee concludes, is capable of completing a graduate program, may be accepted on a provisional basis. A provisional student will take a maximum of nine credit hours of course work per semester and will be allowed a maximum of one year to qualify as a regular degree student. A student who fails to achieve regular degree status after one year will not be allowed to continue in a graduate program at Howard University.

Non-Degree Student:
A student who meets all the requirements for admission to regular status but elects to pursue course work only will be accepted as a non-degree student. A completed application package must be submitted in order to be considered as a non-degree student. 

* NOTE: Non-degree/unclassified students are NOT eligible to receive financial aid.

Application Deadlines - New Students

Fall Semester: June 1

Spring Semester: November 1

Admissions Procedures for New Students

Submit the completed online application via GradCAS.

1.  Submit payment for non-refundable application fee

2.  An official transcript of all formal studies to date – Upload transcript(s) with online application.  Also, mail official transcript(s) in a sealed envelope from the institution to:
Howard University School of Divinity
Office of Admissions
2900 Van Ness Street NW
Washington, DC  20008

3.  Current Resume

4.  Autobiographical Statement:  Applicants should provide an Autobiographical Statement (500-750 words) that describes the uniqueness of his/her character, abilities, and other personal information that is motivating his/her desire to pursue the specific degree at the Howard University School of Divinity.

5.  Statement of interest:  Applicants should provide a Statement of Interest (500-750 words) that describes your purpose and professional goals for pursuing the specific degree at the Howard University School of Divinity.

6.  Three (3) Recommendations:  Names and email address of recommenders should be submitted in the online application. Recommenders should complete the online information and attach a letter.

  • Recommendation from a religious official (e.g., pastor, imam, rabbi, etc.) who can attest to the applicant’s spiritual ethos and commitment to ministry, chaplaincy, faith-based social justice work
  • Recommendation from a college professor, administrator or other qualified person who can endorse the applicant’s academic readiness to succeed in a graduate program at the School of Divinity
  • Recommendation from a third individual – i.e., from a religious, educational and/or professional setting – who can underscore the applicant's professional commitment


    Applicants are encouraged to follow-up with recommenders to ensure timely submission of recommendations.

Application Deadlines for Former Students Returning (FSR)

Fall Semester: July 31

Spring Semester: December 31

Summer Semester - April 20

Readmission Procedures for Former Students Returning (FSR)

Students who are not enrolled during the current semester (summer session not included), but who have previously attended Howard University are classified as Former Students Returning (FSR).
Once a student has graduated, he/she is not a FSR, and must apply as a New Student to a new degree program or as a Non-Degree (Unclassified) Student.

To apply for readmission as a Former Student Returning:

  • Log into Bison Web with your Username (Howard ID#) and PIN (6 digit Date of Birth).
  • Select the Student Services tab.
  • Select the Admissions & Orientation link.
  • Select the Complete or Access Applications link.
  • Application Type: Graduate Returning Student
  • Proceed with the Bison Web application instructions.

    The application fee and enrollment fee are not required for a FSR seeking readmission.

    Please submit the following additional requirements.

    • Official transcript from Howard University
    • Official transcript from all formal studies completed since matriculation at Howard
    • A statement, not to exceed 150 words, stating your plan for completing your degree. The statement should include information relevant to past challenges (academic, financial, etc.) that impacted your previous matriculation and your plan to address these challenges to ensure completion of the degree program.

    The HUSD Admissions Office and the Degree Program Committee will evaluate the student's former records and the aforementioned requirements to determine readmission.

    Former Students Returning who have been absent from the University for two or more years must receive a medical clearance from the University Student Health Center before they can complete the registration process.

    Students readmitted to the University must be cleared by the Registrar's Office, Student Accounts, Student Loans, and Special Student Services.

    Those with outstanding accounts must make satisfactory financial arrangements with the University before registration is permitted. 

Additional Admissions Requirements for International Students

In addition to the requirements listed above, all international applicants MUST include in their application packet the following:

Graduate program applicants must have the equivalent of the U.S. four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Official transcripts, final certificates, and/or mark sheets must be sent directly from the college or university to the
Howard University School of Divinity, Office of Admissions, Holy Cross Hall Room 419, 2900 Van Ness Street NW, Washington, DC 20008 (photocopies or transcripts in the applicant's possession are not acceptable).

If the documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by official translations.

ALL international transcripts must be evaluated by the World Education Services (WES). Please visit and initiate the International Credential Advantage Package which includes the transcript evaluation report with Course-by-Course grades and Grade Point Average (GPA), and provides verified copies of your transcripts. The WES report should be sent to the Howard University School of Divinity, Office of Admissions, Holy Cross Hall Room 419, 2900 Van Ness Street NW, Washington, DC 20008. If the WES is not available in your country, the International Evaluation Services of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) may be accepted.

All documents must bear the same name that appears on the admissions application unless an official document is submitted indicating a change of name.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required from all applicants from countries in which English is not the official language. The TOEFL test is not required if you received a degree in the U.S.

The Statement of Financial Resources Form (click here) must be submitted. A completed form verifies proof of financial support (sufficient funds to cover expenses for one full year in US dollars only) and supporting financial documentation indicating sources of funds while attending Howard University (such as a certified bank statement dated within three month of registration).

International applicants are encouraged to submit applications by February 1 (Fall) or October 1 (Spring) to allow sufficient time to obtain proper documents of eligibility and visas..

The Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status (I-20) will be issued after the student is admitted to the University, paid the required enrollment fee, and submitted the above required documents.

Regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service require that all people on F-1 (student) visas pursue a full course of study at all times. This means that graduate students must be enrolled in no less than 9 credit hours at all times. For additional information contact the Office of International Student Services at (202) 806-4124. 

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